Blog » C3 Squared Partners Collaborate on Fall Unit Plans
6 January 2016



In October 2015, C3 Squared teacher teams gathered to begin work on their first unit plan. A separate day-long Peer-to-Peer (P2P) meeting was held for the Grade 4 and Grade 5 teams. Project Director Carol Brown, Curriculum Coordinator Laura Reeder and the project's teaching artists facilitated lively discussions and hands-on art activities (photo, above).


For their unit plans, the teacher teams were asked to integrate arts activities to accomplish specific learning of core subject curricula. These arts activities would include a PUSH Physical Theatre performance. To begin the unit planning session, Ms. Reeder introduced a video of a PUSH Physical Theatre performance.


To help generate ideas for aligning the PUSH performance and other art activities with existing core curriculum, the teaching artists and teacher teams participated in hands-on arts activities…



TA Lucienne Pereria (above, right) guided teachers in the creation of chair sculptures.



Creative Classroom Collaboratives

Teachers expressed themselves through physical theater.


Teaching artists also facilitated brainstorming sessions to create a unit plan that was meaningful and manageable to the entire team, including classroom teachers, art teachers and other specialty teachers...



TA and teacher teams work on arts-integrated literacy and science units (photos, above and below).




 By the end of the day, the teams had developed units with guiding questions, lesson topics, learning goals and anticipated outcomes.